The Importance of Web Accessibility to the Disabled

19 Mar

Many things of compliance with the ADA as simply putting handicap parking spaces, wheelchair ramps, and handicap bathrooms. However, these disabled people also use the internet like the rest of us and it is important that they are able to access it despite their disabilities. People who are blind, have no hands and with other disabilities would find it quite difficult to use the internet without proper technologies that would assist them in their disabilities. Unless a website is programmed properly to assist the disabled to use them, then they will not be able to.

This is why assistive technology is important. Those who cannot use today’s technology because of physical impairment will be empowered by this technology and be able to also have conveniences provided by it.

Why type of technologies can assist these physically impaired people who wish to use their computers or devices to access the internet?

Blind people can benefit from screen readers. They can also benefit from keyboards that are in braille. Those who cannot use their arms or hands can have a mouth and head pointers to navigate. Or, they can use eye movement control the ada 504 compliance checklist follows the eyes to control the keyboard and mouse actions. If one has difficulty hearing, then closed captioning on videos and audio transcripts are very helpful.

The Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA has been enacted by President Bush in 1981 to eliminate barriers for people with disabilities. The purpose of the ADA is to enable people with disabilities to live and enjoy things as able people can. They should not be excluded from enjoying the things that we do. Be sure to click here to know more!

So, while there are physical ways to help the disables move around, they also need help to move around cyberspace. All people should be able to access the web whatever hardware or software they use, whatever their language, culture, location or physical or mental ability. People with disabilities then can also access the web for themselves and experience what others do. This helps protects them from being discriminated. It provides for them equal access and opportunity in public accommodations, employment, transportation, state and local government services, and telecommunications.

It is required by law that public entities be accessible to the disabled. This includes any public accommodations like hotels, retail stores, banks, etc. your website is included in this law if this is the primary location of your establishment. If you make your website accessible to the disabled then you protect your business and give equal access to the disabled. See this video at for more insights about compliance law.

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